The show must go on(line)

Following our digital first philosophy and considering the current COVID-19 outbreak, we make the conscious choice replacing all our offline inspiration sessions around the world by a Virtual Event Tour. So, while we close doors to keep the virus out, we encourage you to keep your minds open to ensure business continuity for your brand.

Check out Virtual Event Tour online and get inspired from the safety and security of your home or office. This April we’ll be talking about:

  • Consumer Collaboration in times of crisis (Apr 9), showing how you can use digital collaboration – ranging from online interviews and digital focus groups to insight communities – to make your business truly consumer-centric, even in times of crisis. Featuring exclusive content from our COVID-19 Consumer Community!
  • Employee Collaboration in times of crisis (Apr 16), showing how to empower internal stakeholders to digitally co-create new ideas and concepts, share consumer inspiration and research takeaways. Offering free access to module I of the Insight Academy, our modular digital workshop approach teaching participants the ins and outs of insights.
  • Creative Crowdsourcing in times of crisis (Apr 30), showing you the path from consumer insights to game-changing ideas. Offering pre-launch access to the bookzine ‘The Creativity Gap’.

Got questions on keeping your research running? Get in touch with your local InSites Consulting hub or read the update on our business continuity measures in COVID-19 times!

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