Unfolding the innovation DNA: PASSION

In our previous blogpost, we discussed the first tier of the innovation model, Friction – the unmet need that inspires innovators to explore and shape the solution space. The driving force behind these individuals is Passion! Successful innovators are characterized by this drive and endurance to take an insight forward and turn it into an idea and subsequently a concept. Here’s how surgically infusing passion into your process can bolster your proposition:

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The process of infusing passion:

Involve the right People

Being passionate about your idea boils down to carefully curating your innovation assets. Innovators should hold on tight to their insights, ideas, and concepts rather than pass them around without any sense of ownership. Yet, in many organizations, innovation comes with some sort of protectionism, where the process is done internally without the involvement of external stakeholders or consumers.
Yet as Stiven Kerestegian, former Design Lead at Lego, pointed out: 99.9% of the smartest people don’t work for your organization. Not only is that true for all the companies in the world, it’s also a major understatement. Organizations can benefit from an outside-in perspective, where they involve passionate stakeholders (including potential consumers) from beyond their boardroom to co-create ideas and concepts.

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According to Forrester, if you look at 100 random people on the planet, 90 will be spectators – those are the people who can voice their opinion, say what they like or dislike about a concept, but they can’t really assist you in creating or curating concepts. Then there are the 9 who are actually able to curate content: take the right decision, optimize and prioritize, etc. (that’s you and/or your agencies that make the decisions to help curate the funnel). Then there is the one percent that is actually able to create.

For innovation and ideation challenges, it is beneficial to involve the intelligent naivety of creative minds to get this outside-in perspective. To generate out-of-the-box ideas and solutions, we tap into our eÿeka crowdsourcing network, a unique skilled creative global community with a proven track record of elevating the quality and quantity of the innovation funnel’s output.

Step up the tempo

In many organizations, even with the best intentions, the innovation process can be compared to a relay race, a very long one. The insight, idea, or concept is passed around (like a relay baton) from one person or department to another with people letting go as soon as it is handed over, absolving themselves of the responsibility. This is where we typically observe a long, fuzzy front end – the phase of generating insights, iterating concepts, and at the end, what we can describe as validation overdrive, traffic-light syndrome, benchmark fever, where all of this needs to be validated before it can move on to the next phase.
We believe that in order to speed up the process, it is key to install an iterative approach which alternates exploration and validation. Validation is key, we need those timely checks in place, yet this should start early on the innovation process, starting with insights. Evaluating and validating from the beginning positively impacts the quantity and quality of concepts, this in a much shorter time period. This is one of the advantages of using a Consumer Consulting Square due to its advanced hybrid capability, as it seamlessly infuses validation and optimization in every iteration.
We have worked on several projects where we install this ‘pressure-cooker’ approach to innovation, where we work with short cycles of generating ideas, run overnight idea screeners, to then turn these validated ideas to concepts in a workshop involving all relevant stakeholders.

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The analysis of a multitude of successful start-up innovations has allowed to identify Passion as one of the critical success factors. Infusing passion into your innovation process ultimately boils down to carefully curating your innovation assets using an iterative approach where you involve the right stakeholders.
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