We are on stage at the next 3 ESOMAR Conferences. Ready to join us?

At the InSites Forwar&d Lab, we are dedicated to take our industry forward. In our continuous search for fresh ways to conduct research, we want to develop tools and methods to bring consumers in the board room of companies. But we also want to deliver quality! Therefore it is important to have our new approaches peer reviewed. ESOMAR (the world association for market, social and opinion researchers) is for us one of the key organizations to get this industry feedback. We are therefore very happy to share with you that we’ve been selected to present at the next three ESOMAR Conferences.
At the General ESOMAR Conference in Atlanta we will bring a case study together with Heineken where we have co-created the club of tomorrow with emerging designers. The 3-week Market Research Online Community (#MROC) with 120 design-savvy clubbers resulted in a consumer journey map, visualizing their needs, perceptions, experiences and motivations. This served both as a briefing and a source of inspiration for the designers working together on the design of this concept club.
You will also be able to see us on stage at the 3D Conference in Amsterdam where we will share our vision on Mobile Research. Currently, there are a couple of dimensions missing in the discussion. This presentation will describe both the benefits of mobile surveying, insights beyond the tool, the usage of mobile in MROCs and how mobile marketing is also an important topic for research.

Finally, we are also present at the Qualitative Conference with an innovative presentation format called the ‘Research Carousel’. Participants to the conference will have the chance to learn how we believe the boundaries of qualitative research should be broken in an interactive way. Together with Air France KLM we set up an innovative research process in the fuzzy front of innovation where we demonstrated the success of our new approach towards qualitative research.

The ForwaR&D Lab team hopes to see all of you in Atlanta or Amsterdam! More information on the conferences can be found at www.esomar.org or check our website for more details on our ForwaR&D Lab team.

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