What are your thoughts on the future of marketing research?

Just like a snake sheds its skin to allow itself to grow as well as to remove parasites along with the old skin, the marketing research industry needs to continuously reinvent itself in order to survive and remain successful. Last year’s GRIT report indicated that our industry is moving in the right direction. But are we sufficiently fast and furious? Do we realize that the very existence of the marketing research industry is at stake, with new entrants from unexpected corners driving new relevance for clients? Are we really getting rid of old habitual ways of thinking in a business that has now been around for 70 years?
In order to really understand where our industry is heading, we need to listen to – and learn from – our clients, vendors and competitors. And that’s what Greenbook’s yearly GRIT initiative aims to support. Their summer Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) survey gives you the chance to share your experiences and perspective on the future of market research.
The survey takes only 15 minutes to complete. So take this opportunity to give back and support your profession.
Need some more convincing? Read my recently published article on the 4 futures of marketing research. The future is fast and furious and there is no escaping it. No matter what industry you are in, you can run, but you cannot hide! So join the conversation.
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