What do Belgians know about investing?

That’s exactly the question that the Argenta bank and insurance group hoped to get an answer for. Together with InSites Consulting, they set up a research project in May 2014 to test the knowledge of Belgians about investing. 1,005 participants aged 25 to 65 were recruited to take part in this survey. All of them were investors or were looking into starting investing within 6 months.
The main outcome was that, on average, only 52,8% of the participants passed the knowledge test. The research showed that participants aged 35 and over scored better on this knowledge test compared to participants aged 25 to 35. Also, higher educated persons scored better in general. On top of that, the research showed that there’s an increasing need for advice on retirement savings as well as for financial advice in general. The questions of the survey dealt among others with what the most correct description of investing is and with terminology questions about investing.
The full press release can be consulted here*. Do you wish to find out more about this study or our experience in the Financial Services market? Contact me or click here for additional cases and client references.
*This press release is published in Dutch

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