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Ongoing consumer collaboration to strengthen the Axe brand positioning

AXE, one of Unilever’s most popular brands in the personal care category, has decided to change its strategy to be…

Brand Religion

Brand Religion

Since the early days of business, marketing gurus have preached their beliefs on how to build strong brands. These theories and models have been translated into numerous books to provide a clear framework for marketers on what to aim for and how to grow their brand. But in this abundance of models and theories, marketers might find themselves lost in translation.

Research as a customer service

Research as a customer service

How SkyTeam is creating truly consumer-centric research. SkyTeam is an alliance of 20 different airlines – each with their own…

5 ways to activate consumer insights

The Insight Activation Studio

Improving the return on insights More than ever, demonstrating impact is the name of the game for professional marketing services agencies….

Developing strong insights for Vitroclen

Reckitt Benckiser, a British multinational consumer goods company, aims to drive growth over the next years for its Vitroclen brand, specifically…

Shaping the brand story for Mithra Pharmaceuticals

In 1999, Mithra Pharmaceuticals pioneered in Women’s health with accessible contraception for women. Today, Mithra continues to focus on development,…

Measuring coffee concepts in context for Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Consumer behavior is triggered by the context or occasion one is in as well as by one’s mood, habits and…

How SkyTeam is flying high in terms of customer centricity

As an association of twenty airlines, SkyTeam’s mission is to create a seamless travel experience through operational excellence by putting…

Gen Zurveys

Gen Zurveys

Taking the research time machine to a Gen Z-dominated world. One of the main buzzwords of 2015 within the market…

Understanding sugar consumption to optimize Südzucker’s brand positioning

The Südzucker group was formed in 1926 and is one of the leading food producers in Europe and the leader…

The Danone Activation Studio

The Danone Activation Studio

Turning consumer insights into company-wide memes. Demonstrating impact is more than ever the name of the game for insight professionals….

Increasing the ROI of consumer insights for Danone

Danone, a multinational food products corporation, recently launched the Danone 2020 Manifesto, a business transformation program designed for a sustainable,…

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