Creative crowdsourcing inspired Duracell's international communication campaign

Duracell by InSites Consulting

Our creative network eÿeka provided 98 ideas to Duracell to link the brand, its power benefit and the ever-running bunny in the Running Campaign.


The challenge

Duracell International, known for their batteries and smart power systems, wanted to launch a campaign linking the brand, its long-lasting power benefit, and the bunny that never stops, to make it relevant to running.


Our solution

Duracell decided to involve the power of the crowd and involved our eÿeka creator network in a global ideation contest. The brief? Create an engaging, original and fun ‘poster idea’ that shows how Duracell empowers runners for longer-lasting and superior running moments.


The impact

In two weeks, the team received 98 ideas from 29 countries, and selected 20 winners. The insights powered the Running Campaign strategy, and some 10 eÿeka poster ideas directly inspired final running creative executions for social posts and cinemagraphs. Duracell selected a record 20 winning ideas that inspired the online and offline Running Campaign. The brand’s always-on key visual came from a Moroccan creator and was use in 35+ countries for in-store, print, social posts and outdoor advertising.

“The eÿeka network’s ‘beauty’ provides brands with near real-time insight generation at a global level with light labor & costs for brands. And a network like eÿeka that can deliver insight generation straight through to production is a condensed, faster process that is critical for fast-consumption creative-like socials. The campaign was developed in six months, from contest to store and online!”

Tatiana-Vivienne Jouanneau, CMO, Duracell

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