Creative crowdsourcing makes KITKAT go viral

Co-creating storyline ideas with our proprietary global creator network eÿeka lead to the blockbusting Australian KITKAT Kätapult campaign.

The challenge

Nestlé wanted to revive the KITKAT brand with a humorous yet relatable-in-the-every-day advertising campaign, in-line with the brands historic campaigns and engagements – something authentically “KITKAT”. Nestlé’s creative agency proposed the strapline Snap out of it!as the core campaign driver. It was essential for the KITKAT team to have their creative agency “Snap out of” their comfort zone and be exposed to some creative executions beyond the boardroom in order to generate fresh inspiration and fresh stories to bring the campaign idea to life.

Our solution

This led KITKAT Australia to connect with us to use our proprietary creator network eÿeka to come up with funny and relatable stories where people react dramatically to frustrating situations, where only a KITKAT could help the frustrated individual(s) to “snap out of it”. We set up a creative crowdsourcing contest to get potential story ideas that would address KITKAT Australia’s creative challenge.

The creative crowd marshalled by eÿeka was more than fit-for-purpose to address the challenge; in less than three weeks, the eÿeka creative network generated more than 200 storyboarded ideas from 43 different countries.

With this immense array of visually represented creative suggestions and inspirations now available at the creative agency’s fingertips, it was ultimately the sketch of gentleman trying to assemble a robot, in the style of IKEA’s flat-pack furniture, that proved to be the creative spark the team needed. Considering that more than 20 submissions were stories set in medieval times (a ‘Game of Thrones‘ effect, perhaps?), that served as creative inspiration in and of itself, and served as the inspiration for KITKAT’s Kätapult campaign.

The impact

The resulting Kätapult video was a huge success and quickly went viral. The creative power of the eÿeka creator community and the KITKAT creative agency led to a campaign that exceeded Sales & Brand Equity KPIs in Australia and was ‘imported’ by many Nestlé KITKAT markets in Europe and US.

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