Developing a hallmark for glass packaging for FEVE


By tapping into the creativity of the crowd, FEVE could efficiently launch a new hallmark aimed to remind consumers of the benefits of glass packaging.

The challenge

As part of their sustainability goals, FEVE (European Federation of Glass Packaging) aimed to launch a new glass hallmark. This symbol should remind consumers of the main assets and benefits of glass packaging.​

Together with InSites Consulting, FEVE connected consumers, creatives and the industry to develop the ideal hallmark that best communicates this message.​

Our solution

Based on insights from our Packaging & Recycling studies over the past 10 years, FEVE selected the key assets for the hallmark to communicate on (i.e., glass is natural, infinitely recyclable, preserves product quality and shows care for the environment and ourselves); they then developed some first ideas with the help of a creative agency. Tapping into the power of the crowd, we launched an open contest on our proprietary creator network eÿeka, asking the 400,000-creatives-strong network to also pitch their ideas for a hallmark that communicates on all the key assets FEVE had identified.​

Next, the creative ideas were reviewed and by FEVE members, and they cast their vote. Their top 3 went up against the original ideas from the creative agency in a survey with 2,500 consumers across five European markets. These consumers were asked to assess each symbol’s ability to communicate the right message and assets of glass packaging.​

Developing a hallmark for glass packaging for FEVE

The impact

In just 12 days, we received 130 ideas from creatives in 38 countries. Going up against the original ideas from the creative agency, the consumers rated the hallmarks generated by the eÿeka network higher across most KPIs. ​

The top scoring hallmarks were also cross-checked by FEVE within the food & drink packaging industry, ultimately selecting the winning hallmark from the eÿeka network ideas.​

The hallmark was trademarked by FEVE and launched in November 2020.​

Michael Dell Selve - FEVE

“Working together on the hallmark with the eÿeka platform, consumers & brands was so insightful and new for us! At the end, when we chose the final design, we were already sure it would work because we had gone through such a large collaboration and scrutiny process! If we have the opportunity, we will surely invest again in such an approach for the realization of new projects.​”

Michael Delle SelveSenior Communications Manager at FEVE

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