Creative consumers

Creative consumers

“Companies have defined so many best practices that they are now more or less identical.”

Jesper Kunde,  author of  ‘Unique Now… or Never’

When innovating for the future, you need to use the right people at the right time. We know that 90% of people validate, 9% curate and 1% creates. Creative consumers bring the outside-in perspective required to get to truly fresh ideas.

Meet our eÿeka network, that 1% of talented creators who love to solve brands’ challenges with fresh thinking and creative ideas.  Our eÿeka network connects +560.000 highly creative designers, copy writers and creative thinkers (75% of whom are Millennials) in +160 countries.

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How we bring creative consumers close to your brand?

  • What we do

    Creative crowdsourcing is a unique ideation solution, which uses the fresh thinking of creative consumers to fuel innovative ideas better and faster. Expect between 30 and 100 clever inspiring new ideas in just a matter of days.

    How we do it

    Creators all around the world submit their creative ideas into an online Global Ideation Contest via our Square platform.

Discover how our creative network inspires brands around the world

More, better and faster new product launches for Anheuser-Busch

More, better and faster new product launches for Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser-Busch reinvented its innovation process; as a result they drove 50% of the industry innovation volume in the last two years, up from 10% in 2017.

Duracell by InSites Consulting

Creative crowdsourcing inspired Duracell’s international communication campaign

Our creative network eÿeka provided 98 ideas to Duracell to link the brand, its power benefit and the ever-running bunny in the Running Campaign.

How creative crowdsourcing inspired new snacking flavours for Arnott’s

How creative crowdsourcing inspired new snacking flavours for Arnott’s

Arnott’s will introduce three new snacking flavours; this results from a fully digital hybrid ideation track in only seven weeks time.

Bridging the Creativity Gap

The Creativity Gap

Involving the right crowd to get to ideas that spark. Creativity is the number one skill needed to survive and thrive in the current market reality. How do you unlock creativity for your brand? And how are you managing your creative capacity?

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eyeka by InSites Consulting

“I missed that moment in which you have to think and break your head to come up with a good idea. eÿeka gave me the opportunity to prove that I am a creative person.”

Andre_dft, an active creative from Peru who has participated in more than 30 contests and won 4 prizes since he joined eÿeka.

Why eÿeka?


Creativity comes from everywhere

The global community connects creators from 160 countries with brand across the globe. 90% of the contest winners are located outside of the target market, bringing in a truly outside-in perspective.


Unique talents

We have all kinds of skills and talents, from students to professionals, from pack design to video production to copywriting.


A connected community

The network is always on. They share previous work and experiences with each other on a dedicated platform and follow the Global Ideation contests via a leader board.


Henk Pretorius
Head of Consumer Connections

Henk Pretorius