Supercharging concepts for direct-to-consumer launch of Perrigo's ACO brand

Supercharging concepts for direct-to-consumer launch of Perrigo’s ACO brand

Perrigo successfully launched its ACO skincare brand in the German market. The basis was a versatile mix of Culture + Trends analysis and leading-edge consumer insights.


The challenge

Perrigo is an American Irish-registered manufacturer of private-label over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. The company wanted to launch ACO, a leading pharmacy skincare brand in the Nordics. ACO would be a new proposition in Germany, using a D2C (direct to consumer) approach. So, to kickstart the process, the team wanted to leverage emerging trends and perspectives to optimize concepts and identify opportunities to differentiate; at the same time they wanted to respect the Nordic heritage & positioning of the brand.


Our solution

The Culture + Trends team combined leading-edge consumer insights with trend analysis to optimize ACO’s D2C proposition in Germany.​ Therefore, we involved 10 digital-savvy, passionate skincare and make-up consumers from our Illume Network. ​


    • We first conducted in-depth interviews to explore their lifestyle​
    • Then, through co-creation exercises, each Illume Guide gave detailed feedback on Perrigo’s ACO brand concepts and product ranges​
    • Last, the leading-edge consumers supercharged the concept and produced a moodboard of their ideal concept; as a result, the brand used the key messages, imagery, influencers and channels for is promotion​

Furthermore, we added a secondary analysis of cultural values & shifts and consumer trends impacting D2C skincare consumers in Germany. We also reviewed competitors and best in class activity to garner differentiation opportunities.​


The impact

Perrigo received clear recommendations on how to optimize the brand proposition and the product range. Practical market entry suggestions included USP, key claims, website, promotion, marketing and more. The project was well-received and is now repeated for product launches in other markets.

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2021 Culture + Trends report

2021 Culture + Trends report

As researchers we not only want to understand which trends are shaping and manifesting around the world, but also HOW this happens. Combining a macro analysis and a qualitative exploration with our leading-edge consumer network. Validated by a quantification with 15.000 consumers in 16 markets, this reports offers a unique and actionable view on the post-2020 consumer.

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