Everyday consumers

Everyday consumers

Many marketers and company stakeholders are not that much like the consumers they serve, despite what they think.

When innovating for the future, you need to use the right people at the right time. We know that 90% of people validate, 9% curate and 1% creates. Being ‘experts by experience’, everyday consumers can support brands in a number of business challenges, from tactical to more strategic, and throughout different stages of a project.

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How do we bring the everyday consumer close to your brand?

  • What we do

    We develop a deeper understanding of a category, market, or target group by immersing in consumers’ everyday lives. Test relevant propositions, from new service or product concepts to brand activations, any time you want.

    How we do it

    A mix of ‘think‘, ‘feel‘ and ‘do‘ activities on the Square, our insight community platform.

  • What we do

    We listen to and track (real-time) consumer needs, perceptions, beliefs and experiences, to trigger (real-time) actions for improving the business performance. We measure evolutions over time, and highlight which initiatives work well and where potential new opportunities lie.

    How we do it

    A tailor-made modular online survey.


From Consumer Intelligence to Consumer Centricity

Better Together Vol. 1: Consumer Centricity

In a world where change is inevitable, and the pace at which things change unpredictable, the ability to be responsive is the new competitive advantage. To stay relevant, brands need to surf the wave of change and build resilience by developing a collaborative mindset.

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“Being part of a research group, being able to complete a study, motivates me to give my best. And it’s nice to be able to influence, in my small way, the behavior of companies and brands: it makes me feel privileged when I participate.”

An everyday consumer (member of our proprietary COVID-19 Square), April 2020

Why the everyday consumer?

Experts by experience

Many marketers and company stakeholders live in their own bubble. Everyday consumers help brands and marketers overcome deeply ingrained biases by sharing real-life consumption experiences.


Interested, interesting, involved

We guarantee maximally relevant results by carefully selecting those consumers that are interesting for your brand. Simultaneously, they show interest and involvement in collaborating with you.


A 360° consumer reality

Everyday consumers share their frictions, needs, aspirations and habits in the here and now.  You get close to what they think, feel and do on moments that matter for your brand.


Henk Pretorius
Head of Consumer Connections

Henk Pretorius