ABN Impact rebrands to InSites Consulting Asia

Following the acquisition of ABN Impact in December 2019, we’re thrilled to announce the official rebrand of its seven offices in the Asia region to InSites Consulting.

Since its foundation in Hong Kong 11 years ago, ABN Impact has established itself as the reference agency across Asia for delivering continuous consumer insights through online communities. The acquisition by InSites Consulting only accelerated ABN Impact’s digital and online research expertise by harnessing our proprietary platforms and tools.

Joining forces with InSites Consulting could not have been better timed. We’ve benefitted greatly in the last year by having access to leading-edge technologies like the Square, our agile community platform, offering qual and quant collaboration with consumers despite the restrictions and limitations of the global pandemic. We’re now excited to rebrand fully to InSites Consulting Asia, as which we will continue to expand our digital research capabilities and embed best practice across the region. Our community positioning is stronger than ever, and our research toolkit is now the most versatile on the global market! Our goal for InSites Consulting Asia is to facilitate collaboration between brands and consumers, by leveraging our global consumer networks of mainstream consumers, leading-edge Illume Guides and eÿeka creatives.”

says Maz Amirahmadi, Managing Director Asia at InSites Consulting .

With the rebranding of ABN Impact following closely behind that of fellow acquisition Join the Dots in the UK, 2020 has been another milestone year for InSites Consulting. With the ambition of becoming the global market leader in online insight communities, there is still more to come from the InSites Consulting group. Currently, we’re home to 500+ people worldwide, generating €65million+ in revenues from 17 offices on five continents.

“We’re delighted to announce the rebranding of ABN Impact at the end of a particularly challenging year. With a combined 30 years’ expertise in digital insights, we are undoubtedly better together. Combined with our office in Australia, we now have a unified brand across Asia-Pacific, which not only our clients but also our employees can benefit from. I look forward to the day that we can celebrate this occasion in person with our colleagues, but for now we will continue to shape the future better, together, from a safe distance!”

commented Kristof De Wulf, CEO at InSites Consulting.

ABN Impact rebrands to InSites Consulting Asia

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